Live your dream life TODAY.

Live your dream life TODAY.

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Imagine how you will feel going from hoping you’re on the right path to knowing you are! 

What is MyWhy?

MyWhy is a proprietary set of tools proven effective in helping individuals answer two questions — What is my purpose? and Why am I here?. Answering these questions unlocks fresh perspective and motivation while bringing deeper meaning and satisfaction immediately.

With MyWhy, individuals gain new methods for both personal and professional achievement without having to uproot their life and change everything.

A note from Lynette

Looking back on my journey, I can remember two very distinct times when I felt hopeless, helpless, and at a dead-end in my personal life and career.

The first was in my late 20’s, when all my closest friends were doing what I thought I’d be doing — getting married, buying their first home, starting families, while I was working long hours in a job I liked, but often wondered, “Is this really all there is?”

The second time was just weeks after the September 11 tragedies that rocked New York City and our entire world. I was still single, nearly 40 years old, and once again full of questions like, “Why Am I Doing This,” and “What Should I Do Next?”

These two junctures filled with questions led me to answers that have redirected the course of my life since then. I found MY why and became passionate about giving the same fulfillment to everyone else.

Through these MyWhy tools, I’ve navigated life’s seasons of uncertainty with confidence and empowerment, knowing my daily practical steps are leading toward bigger dreams.

In short, the MyWhy tools took me from surviving to thriving in every area of my life, and have led me to…

I’ve watched the MyWhy content change lives around the world.

No matter the age, the results are always the same — a glowing confidence of “this is why I’m here” accompanied by a roadmap to live your dreams.

I can’t wait to be your personal teacher, coach, and guide as you invest in your WHY, get definition and direction, then take it to others who will be inspired by how you live, dream, and lead every day.

Let’s do this!

What others are saying...

“I came out of this class equipped to assess all the things I am doing and make sure they are in alignment with my true purpose.”
Kelli, Assistant Principal
“ Lynette is so passionate about helping others find their purpose and it’s infectious! I feel equipped in such a fresh new way.”
Jennifer, mom of 6
“After coming through a season of anxiety and panic attacks, this purpose content made me realize my desire to make a difference in others’ lives on the job everyday.”
Zach Y


Can you imagine taking a long road trip across the country, without a GPS? Unfortunately, that’s how many of us approach life– we set out on a path without really knowing where we are going, much less how we are going to get there. Much like a GPS, MyWhy allows you to articulate your life purpose (destination) and give you practical tools to take your next steps towards your dreams. MyWhy becomes your GPS for life! 

EVERYONE. No, seriously… everyone.

The youngest person to go through the course was 12 years old, and the oldest was 80 years old. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, discovering and articulating your purpose is well worth your time. No matter what season you’re in, you will find fulfillment in connecting your purpose to the life you are living now, and be assured about the steps you will take in the future. 

Your “Why” a.k.a. your purpose, is unique to only you. No two purpose statements are the same, and no one else will have the same roadmap as you do. These other popular tests and tools can be very helpful in understanding your motivations and skill sets, but often they describe and align you to a “type” that many others will have too.  What sets MyWhy apart, is that your purpose statement and ensuing roadmap are unique and customized to you. MyWhy also gives you very practical tools to take steps toward your dreams — dreams that reflect your personal hopes and aspirations.  MyWhy is not just about discovery, it’s about application that changes your unique life for the good, then gives you the ability to express these things to others and with others for the rest of your life.

It evolves, just as seasons shift in life and we grow and learn more about our giftings, talents, and inclinations. Purpose statements don’t usually change drastically, but starting with your first one will powerfully position and align who you are and where you are passionate about going in life.

Each module guides you through a personal discovery process. MyWhy helps you ask the right questions and ponder your answers to uncover indicators that will help you articulate your purpose statement. Ultimately, you will confidently know and articulate your life purpose, then connect it to your dreams.

Knowing your life purpose is very different from just enjoying your work. We all enjoy many things, but how do we choose the right path, at the right time, and build incremental growth toward stronger and stronger purpose living? That is what this course is designed to give you — definition and confidence that you are indeed doing the work you are created to do, work that will have the biggest impact on the world.

MyWhy will unlock new energy reserves. Think of it like a great closet organizer who comes in and in no time puts all your “stuff” into piles such as the “keep”, “throw out”, and “give away” piles. The discoveries you make in this course, likewise, will help you know what to keep and what to set aside, with new energy and excitement reserved for what really matters.

One of the unique differentiators about this program is that once you know your life purpose, you can literally work at any job, for any boss, and CREATE a purposeful dream life starting immediately. The tools in these modules help you know exactly HOW to do this and KEEP doing this every day.

YES, this content will enhance leadership skills by understanding how personal purpose impacts everyone. With this material, a leader can teach others to know their purpose, and connect it to their current job placement. It helps manage time, focus, and relationships in a directed way, positioning every person on the team to reach their fullest potential, with the greatest impact.