The Antidote to Discouragement

I’ve got a rather simple solution for the next time you feel discouraged or a tad bit hopeless.

It’s one that for years has been a life-line in my own journey. It pushes aside the “why me syndrome,” and fast-forwards the sense of possibility.

Are you ready for this antidote?? Here it is… Keep Dreaming.

Do you dream of a new job or a fun creative project? A vacation or meeting someone you’ve always wanted to know?

Pick one, any one. Doesn’t have to be big, life-changing or radical. In fact the simpler the dream the better so you can put things in motion and watch surprise doors open.

It sounds so simple but it’s really so powerful.

Stir up that vision of what you want to do next, pursue more, or discover like a hidden treasure. Go on a hunt and refuse to let it go. For me this has looked like…

– Our son Jordan fighting stage 4 cancer when I wrote my second book.
– Years of agonizing infertility triggered the start of an anti-trafficking non-profit with a Stilettos Run to boot.
– Being passed over and ignored at work launched community service tenures as a board member and president, with multiple new initiatives.
– A bad breakup pushed me to leave it all and move to NYC knowing only one person in New York.

The list goes on and the process works– dream your way out of discouragement and despair. Tell your heart you’re living not dying. Energy will flow and new people will be the best surprise gifts of all.

So what are you dreaming of right now? Let me know so I can cheer you on. We need one another’s applause.

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