Timing is Everything

If there’s one thing I’ve seen over and over in my career and personal life, it’s the power of “right timing.” But what is it and how do we find it or wait for it with confidence?

I’m working with our 6 yr old Victoria on timing. She’s got lots to say as a leader-in-the-making but her timing is frequently off. Like barreling into a room blurting out her opinion while we’re comforting her sister over a broken heart. Or singing loudly and laughing crazy as an older neighbor enters our home for the first time.

I keep saying to her what I’ve said to myself so often, “Honey, you need to look around and pause to be sure your timing is right before you push yourself in.”

Some timing we can control, but what about timing so often out of our control?

Need more time.
Not on time.
Time to go.
No time to spare.

This morning I did a Facebook Live devotional on timing, and shared a scripture that encourages me greatly (quoted below.) I love that it’s connected to reaping a harvest.

Receiving a full, ripe and joyful harvest is so much about timing. Fruit may look ripe but may be tough or sour. The field may look plentiful but harvesting now might mean it rots in the barn later if the barns and those who distribute aren’t ready to maximize the harvest.

So many variables when it comes to timing, and my encouragement is to TRUST the Lord of the harvest, the One who sees every aspect and wants to bless us even amidst the waiting.

Timing feels slow when I’m staring at the clock. Time to do other things perhaps, while waiting for His “right on time.”

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