Ever Feel Inadequate?


I do virtually every time I speak.  It’s a common feeling and can actually work FOR us, by keeping us humble and dependent on God.

At the same time, it can work against us, by stopping us from taking risks and expanding our comfort zone.

A sense of inadequacy tends to come in the following forms:

  • Concern I won’t be able to meet the mark in some way
  • Memories of past failures running through my head like an unwanted tape recorder
  • Comparisons with others who appear more qualified or confident
  • Tiredness — many times a simple lack of sleep dulls confidence
  • Lazyness — forgetting that pushing through demands extra effort and determination

The best remedy for a sense of inadequacy is simple but powerful.  Act Confident!  That’s right, act it til you feel it.

I’ll never forget the time I was about to be interviewed on an L.A. radio station.  The D.J. read my bio right before the commercial break and I have no idea where he got all the accollades but it was NOT accurate and boy did I get nervous!  “That’s not me. What will I say?  I’ll look stupid,” expressed my anguish.  Just that quick he said, “Hey folks we’re back with Lynette Lewis,” and off we went.

I don’t remember half of what I answered, one of those times when your mouth is talking but your brain feels paralyzed.  After our allotted 10 min. he says, “Lynette this is so great will you stay for our next segment and take questions from our listeners?”  “Sure,” I almost shouted, still nervous but now in a flow.

It ended well and was a great lesson that feelings of inadequacy are typically lies.

So this week, why not take a moment that makes you feel inadequate and in that moment choose to not back down.  You’ve got what it takes, and it will feel great pushing through.

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