Hello Monday (I Wish You Were Sunday)

Some weeks are like that right?  You wish the weekend was just starting or Friday was imminent.

I’ve had plenty of those Mondays, feeling so down and out, then kicking myself for not being grateful for the job I have.

So what do we do? Don’t hate me for this, it’s so simplistic…..keep working. 

Thanks Lynette, for stating the obvious when I need a breakthrough!

Often I hear someone reading my bio right before I go on stage and think, “Wow, when did all that happen?”  So many days felt boring, insignificant, overlooked and underpaid.

Success happens one boring day at a time.  You get up, go to work, do the job, plow through and hang on.

And almost miraculously, over time, you succeed.  You make your mark, inspire others, and find yourself fulfilled.  Not because a magic moment or perfect boss fell out of the sky, but because you kept working. You didn’t quit and you never gave up.

Happy Monday, it’s a gift and you get to unwrap it.

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