Servant Leadership, Always in Style

Reuben, a wonderful man born and raised in Zimbabwe, was appointed our concierge during our stay at the Highlands Guest House while here in Cape Town.  We’ve never experienced such service before, and happily consider him a new friend.

Dignified, intuitive, brilliant and kind, he has taken care of our every need, be it french press coffee with heavy cream in the mornings, or straightening the room before we return each night. 

We met his two lovely young daughters today and clearly his talents extend beyond work. He even requested a copy of my book, Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos, so he could better learn how women think.

Reuben reminds us that serving a fellow human being is not a menial task, but a position of honor, one not fought for, but earned. This gentleman gives new meaning to the concept of servant leadership and has inspired us both to serve with graciousness and kindness, at every turn.

Thank you Reuben!

I will miss this morning service, (honey, remember Reuben??)

This organizational lineup greeted us after dinner.  So nice.

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