Stop and Smell the Achievement


I was quite excited yesterday when my publisher sent the link to the new updated edition of my book, Remember the Roses, now available on Kindle (printed copies available in just a few more days!)

This new edition includes a redesigned cover and discussion questions after each chapter.

Before receiving this Kindle link, I had not taken time to read the numerous 5-star reviews on the Kindle site. I read each one and was so grateful and humbled by the eloquent words readers used to describe how the book has impacted their lives and hearts.

This experience reminded me of something Brendan Burchard suggests in his book The Charge, a simple exercise for the end of every day…

From now on, before you close your planner, take a moment to look at all you accomplished today. Don’t think about what you didn’t accomplish. Just think about what you did achieve, even if it wasn’t changing the entire world in one masterstroke. I encourage you to close your eyes, think about all you’ve done, and simply say to yourself, I’m progressing. One small step at a time, I’m progressing. Allow yourself to feel a sense of pride and gratitude for what you’ve done today.

He goes on to encourage keeping a journal to reflect on progress. He says much of our sense of competence comes in reflection about our lives, not just about the actions we take.

I love this and resonate. It’s so easy to focus on what we still hope happens, the success we yet await, rather than celebrating all that it’s taken to get right where we are today.

While on my morning run yesterday I recalled what was happening when I wrote this book two years ago now. We were in the most intense time of Jordan’s radiation and chemo treatments, daily caring for him, praying our hearts out, with hardly any free moments emotionally or intellectually.

I felt compelled in that season to make an offering of sorts. To take my simple story that I’d been meaning to write for 7 years, and just do it. Put it out there, give it my all, and let God do with it whatever He wanted. It didn’t feel polished or perfect, but it was what it was.

Now here we are, 3rd printing, updated edition, thousands sold, and most importantly countless hearts encouraged to never give up hope or compromise their desires for love and marriage. I’m reminded that doing our dreams is about just that, DOING them, then taking time to celebrate progress, regardless of how small.

What accomplishments should you take stock of today? Reflect for a moment and remember how far you’ve come, the achievements of even the last few days are no small thing, they’re often the big thing, and are steps that make memories last forever.


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