Jealous Anyone?

Am I the only one plagued with the subtle voice saying I’m denied? Suggesting I’ve missed out, been passed over, came a minute too late to the party everyone else is attending?

We have so much, you and I. So rich compared to just about anyone. Food, health, family, friends, work. Temporary lack, if any.

So why this gnawing sense of deprivation? Then guilt for feeling so, and angst to get over feeling so. What can be done for her ever-yearning, unsettled heart?

Gratitude. Gratitude just might be a valiant opponent to Miss Dissatisfied. Dissing that Miss.

Grateful. Thankful. Hopeful, FULL. Full of praise. Full of smiling. Full of the wonder of the moment. Not what might have been, should have been, would have been. What is.

Drinking in. Stopping long enough to look. Looking long enough to see. Seeing deep enough to feel. Feel the richness. Savor the sweetness, or saltiness. Taste. Taste and see.

Lift eyes. Raise praise. Smile at the thought. Ponder the privilege. Value the invaluable that comes without a price. Prize the primary things. The lasting things. THE things. Things that matter. Things that last. Things that are ever-new, ever-fresh. Fresh perspective. Fresh air. Fresh eyes to see how rich I am, and He is.

Rich. Overflowing. Provided for. Cared for. Nothing more needed. Not needy.

Not jealous. Grateful.

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