Silver, Good China, and No More Holding Back

At our house we have a simple tradition on Christmas day….one person takes the gifts from beneath the tree and puts them in a pile for the others.  Then we open them individually while everyone else watches.

It struck me today, on the start of a brand new year, that in life we also have piles of gifts (abilities, qualities, and talents.)  But it’s not enough to have them.  WE HAVE TO OPEN THEM.

For some odd reason I often hold gifts back…

  • I seldom use our sterling silverware.  Never mind the awe of even possessing such a treasure (a wedding gift from Ron’s Mom.)  Better keep it in the chest so it won’t tarnish.
  • Our best china (the pattern I spent hours choosing because I liked it so much) remains hidden in the cabinet adding zero elegance to our meals.  Love it and hide it?  What a novel idea.
  • Clothes & shoes “so gorgeous I have to have them” somewhere in the closet, waiting for who knows when?

Since when does using something now in the moment mean coming up short later?  Where does this scarcity mentality come from?

Worse yet, what about the gifts inside ourselves that matter a whole lot more than possessions, like our personalities and passion, true selves that are meant to be given that the world around us might benefit and grow?

What gifts are you saving for later, keeping them under wraps?

In 2012, I’m pulling out the silver,  using the china, and wearing the dress.

A new year of possibilities is calling out for you too, calling our names, calling for every gift inside to open, blossom, and soar!

2012 here we come…

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