Your Dream is the Answer

Putting our dreams in motion typically involves tension.  Writing my first book included lots of it — fears of failing, questions about how to begin and go from random internal concepts to something someone would actually buy and read.

After plowing through getting a literary agent, doing a book proposal, then pitching the concept to publishers, I was shocked when after only 3 weeks a publisher said YES!

Debbie Wickwire, the acquisitions editor at Thomas Nelson Publishers, told me after the contract was signed that for over two years they had been looking for a corporate woman with a Christian voice who could write a book for working women in the general market (vs. Christian market.)  “You were exactly what we had been praying for Lynette, and when we saw your proposal we knew it was a fit!”

This experience taught me a truth that is a crucial motivator when pursuing a dream:

Your dream is the answer to someone’s prayer.

We so often forget this, make light of our dreams, feel unqualified and unworthy of going for all we dream.

I had no idea that my dream of writing a book to encourage women fit perfectly with what the editors at Thomas Nelson had been hoping to find.  In fact, most days I believed the opposite.

Your dream is no different.  Someone out there NEEDS your dream, the dream you have in mind and the dream that will emerge as you go after it.

Maybe you feel unqualified, don’t know how to get started, keep hoping for some magic moment when all the right elements come together and poof, your dream just happens.  I know from experience it simply won’t happen that way, and every day you wait to get started is one more day denying someone else the answers they need.

Imagine if every person alive, including you, starts going for their dreams, all of them, one by one in all facets of their lives so that in turn, others can be the recipients of the outcomes of those dreams.

My simple advice is this….start articulating what you desire and hope can become a reality.  Lay aside your fears, quit waiting to feel qualified.  Do my 1-1-1 Strategy of taking one step once a week toward one dream.  Dreams in motion attract provision and if you will commit to at least getting started you will be amazed at doors that open and people you’ll meet.

Who needs your dream to become their dream fulfilled?

I’d love to hear about it and what you’re doing to make it happen.

As always, I’m cheering you on….


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